Varsity Football · New Coach, New Season Ahead…

Last night, the Panthers faced Winder Barrow in their annual spring scrimmage. Various senior captains got to walk on the field and participate in the coin toss, such as Jonathan Steeb, Tyler Wester, and Rodney Booker. It took a minute for the Panthers to find their groove and get the ball rollin’ but once they got started, they couldn’t stop. Sophomore, Bo Reeves, made a 23 yard surprising catch on 2nd down thrown by sophomore, Jesse Whiting. There were multiple times on 4th down where the team would fake the kick and go a for 1st down, which would be successful.


Just when we thought we couldn’t have anymore excitement during the game, within the last 3 seconds of the 4th quarter at the 38 yard line and on 1st down, freshman, Connor Bejin, threw a touchdown pass to junior, Alonta Tuck. The Panthers were already sure they secured the win with the score being 26-21, but being able to score quick like that, it made the win even better.


After the game, Winder Barrow and Jackson County came together for a time of prayer, led by Coach Gilstrap. The Winder Barrow Football Coach also made a point to recognize Coach McWhorter as one of the most famous coaches in the state of Georgia. In the end, Coach McWhorter left his team with this: “We’re not satisfied. Build on this. Let’s be great, not good; let’s go ahead and skip right past good to go to great.” I think it’s safe to say everyone left Winder Barrow with a smile on their face, and a lot to talk about, after a game like that.